At the beginning of 2017, I started writing about forgiveness, up till this very day, the article is still a “work in progress”. What prompted me to write about something I would not finish still baffles me, it is still my longest unfinished work. Just a month and few days before I started writing forgiveness, someone who was a great part of me did something really bad, something I wouldn’t have done to anyone, even my greatest enemy. I told myself I’ve forgiven the person but at the same time I did not really want to have anything to do with the person again. Maybe that was really the cause of my “forgiveness” woe. One bizarre fact about me is that I am a kind of guy that doesn’t really show his emotion, I am the type that would smile through hardship, failure and other bad stuffs, crying isn’t just for me, nay. I would rather smile a damning smile than allow people to start asking questions or start consoling m, but there had been two occasions where I couldn’t fight it and both we


The other day, my daughter posted a status about the way people pretends to care about you, she claimed people only pretend to care but in “reality” they don’t. So I tried to make her see it in another way. Just because people do not get in touch doesn’t mean they don’t give a damn about you. The reality is that life gets in our ways and we all gets busy with life and so instead of reaching out to those we love we keep them in our hearts instead. Today, a very good friend of mine visited me. Prior to her visits, we haven’t had a decent conversation in months, yeah months. Our chat has always been limited to hello, hi, how are you and some sort of greetings like that. In fact, we could go months not even saying the supposed “hi”. But the truth is I give so much damn about her and I do love her, and I respect her a lot and she’s very valuable to me. Does that mean I did not care about her or she meant nothing to me all those times we chatted less or did not chat at all? Okay, that


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I’ve learnt a great deal from my friends who plays sport betting or football bet as it is football that is common in this part of the world. First, is their optimistic qualities; Second, is their patience , a great virtue; Follow is their foresight . Then their love for what they do. Their love for their enemies and lastly is their ability of not giving up . OPTIMISTIC : These guys always have the believe that they would win. They believe that every game (or ticket) played would be won even if it was a long list of matches. Why would they play it if they don’t want to win in the first place? You don’t go around throwing your money away if there isn’t anything for you in return. So what is here for you? Believe today is going to be a very good one, believe you’re going to win today, believe you’ll land that dream job. Believe you’ll win that contract, have the believe that your clients would pay you. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ATTEMPT, MAKE A MOVE, AND DON’T SIT IDLY. LEAVE YOUR COMFORT


Who told you that you cannot make it? Stop looking down on yourself, you are not inferior Do away with shallow mind Do not listen to man CRITICISM Do not compromise for NATURE Develop yourself a VISION and change your STATUS now Work and pray Once your SUCCESS arrives, those who cannot TOLERATE you, begins to CELEBRATE you Success has many FATHERS, but FAILURE is an ORPHAN. Keep trying, you'll succeed. Remember, a man who fears to make MISTAKES, make nothing in LIFE. If you don't make mistake you cannot be PERFECT. Do not be downcast with your past experience nor your present SITUATION. Be INNOVATE. Do not RELAX YET, your relaxation time is yet to come. Go back to where you have FAILED. RE- ATTEMPT. And you'll have it DISTINCTLY Go out to the world now. And Go for GOLD. ITS WITHIN REACH. AUF WIEDERSEHEN. OLANIYI ADEWALE HEPHZIBAH.


“I was the only constant thing in her life, I’ve always been” he said. I didn’t know what else to say, so I asked what he meant by the word ‘constant’. Here’s his story. Well, I’ve been dating for more than four (4) years now, and somehow id always known she’d had series of flings (sometimes she also knew I was aware of them), but then she always knew I was where she belonged and therefore doesn’t indulge in one for long. While paying my utmost attention to him, I asked in a soft voice “so she was always cheating on you?”. “Not really, I wouldn’t call it cheating”, he answered. “So what would you call it?” I asked. “Well, em, em.., it’s like test, testing other people”, he stuttered. In short she was never faithful with you? Besides, what would happen if she tested and tasted someone better than you? I queried. “It’s not ever been faithful but not totally faithful” he answered trying to defend her. Scoffing I said, what else, anything yet I need to know? Yeah, most times s


I watched in awe as this young child toddled, very determined and passionate about taking the steps. Her mom called on and I could see the happiness on her face. When asked why she was so excited, she answered with another question, "don't you know there's nothing that beats seeing your child take his/her first steps or seeing them pronouncing their first words or being there for them when they need you most?" The child herself was not giving up, full of great energy, zeal and vigour, the excitement of walking towards her mother was written all over her. I became so carried away by this kid that I was smiling broadly and started clapping for her. She looked towards my direction and not for the first time fell, rising each time as well, sometimes with the extra help of the mother. I also noticed the direction of her hands, well placed in front of her belly, clapping all along, I guess it was to encourage herself. I visited few days later and I realised she had perfe